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Graphic Design - Logo Design - Web Design - Web Designer - Website Design
Otten Designs Logo - Design for your vision. Management for your brand. Web Design, Online Marketing


Graphic design is used in every facet of online business. Whether you need logos, promotional material, branding, etc. you need graphic design. At Otten Designs, we provide beautiful, curated graphic design elements for whatever your business needs.

Video Set Up

Video Editing

Have a message you want to get out? With professional tools, creative adjustments, and the right direction, we can help you produce and publish your content wherever you need it. 


We specialize in Instagram reels, Facebook stories, and Youtube shorts, as well as video podcasts and promotional content. 

Gold Headphones


Finding the right sound for your business can be challenging. Let us create your next soundtrack and give your content the feeling you want it to have without the hassle of digging through hours of royalty-free music. 


Can you really say anything in 60 seconds? Turns out, you can! With short videos, YouTube has revolutionized the way small businesses can generate traffic. Otten Designs can create the right content to make your business stand out in less than 60 seconds

Smart Phone


Trending sounds, eye-catching graphics and short videos are just part of the Instagram Reels layout. It's a great place to advertise and get eyes on your content and business, so let us help!



Content is consumed in various ways, but most often it is consumed in the form of podcasts! Whether listening on a commute, during a workout or watching during a meal, podcasts are the most consumed content in our generation today.



Subtitles to videos, blog posts, transcription and email content are just a few examples of the uses for a good copywriter/ghostwriter. At Otten Designs, we provide professional, written content with a variety of tones to fit your needs!

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